Before you work with a builder what do you want to know about them? How have their previous customers felt about their interactions, would the recommend them to others, are the flexible? Well we asked our clients these questions for you. Read their responses below to see how our reputation precedes us.

1. Where you please with the quality and timeliness of your house and build?

Sharan Singh, MD - Extremely pleased. Allen was very approachable and accommodated anything that we asked for. He pays close attention to detail and re-does anything until it is absolutely to your liking.

2. Was the price point satisfactory?

Sharan Singh, MD - Very much so. There were no surprises as to the costs. What we negotiated is what we paid unless we added something extra along the way but we were always aware of the amount.

3. Any concerns you could please share?

Sharan Singh, MD - I would recommend Allen without any reservations. He is a very talented, efficient, honest, and kind person. You will thoroughly enjoy working with him as I did.